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About us

Hey! We’re Anna and Bryce, co-owners of Locals Only Sunscreen.

We founded Locals Only in 2016, when we were two young beach bums looking for a decent SPF to keep our skin smelling sweet.  
Back then, all we wanted was to make a sunscreen that actually smelt good (you know, without that excessively funky sunscreen smell?)
But when we got started, we soon learnt that the ingredients used in standard sunscreens just weren’t up to scratch. 
Loads of the ingredients were unnecessary. Many of them harmed our coral reefs. And, more often than not, they included chemicals like oxybenzone and octinoxate that – for us – were just a big no-no.

It didn’t make sense to put these ingredients on our skin. 

Suddenly we realised we wanted to create a sunscreen that would actually do some good in the world.
We met with sunscreen formulation experts from across Australia, tirelessly working to find the right ingredients. After months of research, we launched our first Locals Only scented sunscreen. 

Finally, we had an SPF that used reef-friendly ingredients, was safe to put on our skin, and smelt incredible. We were on cloud 9.
That’s why here at Locals Only, we’ve committed to keeping our sunscreens safe, sustainable and smelling five-star. Join us.